Regular Maintenance Adds To The Life And
Durability Of All Your Outdoor Power Equipment

Most home owners, and even commercial contractors are completely unaware
that they could easily get twice the life out of their outdoor power equipment
AND service it less often if it was properly stored and properly maintained.

For example, a lawn mower engine has many rubber components that can
deteriorate during the cold months without being winterized. This is inexpensive, preventative maintenance, but it really needs to be done.

Plus, we add a special stabilizing fluid to your tank and then perform a 7 point
maintenance inspection (Total clean, grease parts, add fuel stabilizer, check
belts And auger blades, pull cord, check your oil, BONUS… FREE electrical testing).

Bids guarantees you much better service for your residential and commercial power equipment repair including:

• Hours Of Operation Monday Thru Firday 9-6 and Saturday 9-3
Buying and Re-Selling Used Power Equipment With Warranty
• The Largest Selection Of In-Stock Parts In The Tri-State Area

Sales And Service Designed For Rugged
Use That Saves You Money Over The Long Haul

Over the last 60 years, we've been able to develop a state-of-the-art service program that has helped lawnmowers, small engines, chain saws, and tractors run much more effectively with better efficiency and longer life.

Always Quicker Turn-Around
Times And NO MORE Waiting In Long Lines

Mini-Tune - First In, First Out
• Quick Lube - 24 Hour Turn Around
Full Tune - 2-3 Days
• DOA - 4-5 days (Based On Part Delivery)
Blade Sharpening - While You Wait (Saturday 9-3) Drop Off Only
• Chain Sharpening - 1 Day
EXPRESS SERVICE Available For ALL Repairs

snowblowers Generac, Husqvarna, Troy-Bilt , and many more of the outdoor power equipment brands you trust lawnmowers handhelds outdoor power equipment handheld power equipment largest selection of in-store parts Toro Lawn Mowers Stihl Handheld power equipment

"Toro Snow Blowers – The Best in American Craftsmanship"

Are you in the market for a new snow blower?  If so, have you considered purchasing a Toro snow blower?   When it comes to top of the line snow blowers, they lead the pack in quality, craftsmanship and power.  Started in 1914, Toro is a leading American manufacturer of lawn products, construction equipment, irrigation systems and snow blowers.  Before selecting your new Toro snow blower, familiarize yourself with the different types offered in the market.  This will help you make an educated decision and select the Toro snow blower that best meets your needs. Read More...

Dangers of Ethanol in Your Lawn Mower Fuel

When you go to fill up your lawn mower this summer, the last thing that you likely are thinking about is the type of gas that is being used. The problem is that with the rising cost of gasoline, Ethanol blended fuels have become increasingly common around the country. In many areas “E10” fuel is used which contains 10% ethanol and in some areas “E15” or fuel with 15% ethanol will be in use soon. Read More...

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12 point maintenance program

Briggs and Stratton Power equipment

Additional Services:

Mini: Seasonal Maintenance
   Engine Repowering

Full tune-ups:
  •   Riding Mowers
  •   Walk Behinds
  •   Generators
  •   Pumps
  •   Pressure Washers
  •   Compressors
  •   Chain Saws
  •   Misc. Small Engine Equipment of All Types

Equipment Rebuilding / Repairing
  (all of the above listed)
  Engine Rebuilding / Short Blocking

  •   Chain Saws
  •   Mower Blades
  And Much More!

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